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Lowpoly - Moskvich 408 (398 tris) by Mafon
Lowpoly - Moskvich 408 (398 tris)
Flat colors, 3DS Max.

It took me longer than it looks :P. Initialy I wanted to make it super low-poly with pixelated texture, but failed, also the 1st version was nothing like the real car, though I modeled it upon blueprints, than I adjusted the model with the help of photos. It still needs work in some departments. Yeah, those wheels are overkill... and geometry on the side window should be cut horizontaly... or I could cut some of the roof. Tris from wheels could be put to side mirrors.

Alfa version for the sake of fun:
Render 1:
Render 2:
Pack-pony by Mafon
Didn't draw for some time. Quick doodle in ex-Macromedia Flash. Inspired by Pac-man parasprite.
...put too many effort just to throw it in the bin, so it'll be displayed here. And now's the letter:
I'm not a hateful man, i'm as tollerable as you can imagine (the one who dies for your right to speak whatever nonsence you wish to), but there's one thing i can't stand and it's religion in any form. This institution's based on lie, death and suffering. So little good it has to offer is overshadowed with its greed, hate and ignorance. It has no place in any society.
I'm not the one who wants to hang all gays, i'm not the one, who beats women with stones, i'm not the one, who scams naive people, i'm not the one who kills in the name of god. I'm not the one, whose actions are dictated by the fairytale book.
I'm not a hateful man, but religion brings the worst of me and this is when i'm torn apart: on one side, i must be accepting, tollerable and forgiving, but on the other, the sword is mightier than a pen, whatever is said, and i'm the one holding the pen.
I don't want to paint all people with one color, 'cause there's happen to be armies based around their belifes. But, may i remind you, that holy books often justify murder of unfaithful ones. It's logicaly understandable - religion tries to eliminate rivals, 'cause discieples of "wrong" god present threat to the "true" belivers. Like i said, religion's a virus and it needs hosts to exist. Ancient gods are dead, 'cause noone holds the fire of faith towards them in their hearts. But islamic plague's mighty roaring now. On the last week over million people in Russia took part in demonstration justifying the murder of journalists. Tsarnaev brothers hasn't come from far east, they immigrated from Russia. Kouachi brothers hasn't come from far east, they were born in Paris. Islamic threat is right at the corner. I'm feeling myself llike Hitler throwing accusations, fearing that my prejudices may cloud my view. I'm trying to be sceptical, i'm trying to question myself. But true beliver mustn't.
Terrorists achieved their goal – anti-religion cartoons are prohibited in Russia now. Hell yeah, we invade other countries, support terrorism, sell weapons all over the world. I'm just scared. Because i'm the one holding the pen.
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Mafon's Profile Picture
Love Kevin Smith flicks, zombie-horrors and Pratchett books.

In 2011 got hooked on ponies, found tutorial on how to draw them and signed up here.

• With the 2nd season ending lost the urge to become a horse. :-(.

• With the 3rd season ending my faith in the show cracked.

• With the 4th season ending realised that i don't care anymore.

P.S. Lol, my forehead is huge!!! Someday i'll edit the picture.

P.P.S. Nah, I will not!

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