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...and there...

When you've got nothing to talk about, you start a topic about weather. It's pretty crazy lately, one day it's over 15°C, another it's -2°C and snowing. We've beaten few temperatures records lately. Day by day we're expecting chocolate rain. Stay tuned.

But let's take a quick look at some entertaining russian sayings with/about wolves

• Волка ноги кормят

Literal: Wolf's fed with legs

Means: "
Wolf" needs to be in motion to get food.

• Работа не волк, в лес не убежит

Literal: Work's not a wolf, it can't run in woods. 

Means: It's not a big deal, if you take a short break (until Friday)

• Сколько волка не корми, а он все в лес смотрит

Literal: You can feed wolf as much as you want, it's stil be watching woods

Means: You can't change someone's nature

• С волками жить, по волчьи выть

Literal: Live with wolves, howl with wolfs (it's actualy latin: lupus est something, something lupus...)

Means: Be prepared to follow the rules of society around you / Society changes person

• Волков бояться – в лес не ходить

Literal: If you're afraid of wolves, there's no point in going into woods.

Means: You have to take chances
• На то и волк в лесу, чтобы заяц ушами не хлопал

Literal: Wolf's in the woods for hare to be on guard

Means: Cruelty of world has purpose

• И волки сыты – и овцы целы

Literal: Wolves are full and sheaps are safe

Means: Both sides are pleased.

• Человек человеку – волк

Literal: a Human to a human is a wolf (Wait! It's latin again... i'm pretty sure.)

Means: everybody's thinking only about themselves (and can easily stab you in a back for its own good)

• А дело бывало и коза волка съедала

Literal: There was once that goat eat a wolf

Means: Well, we'll see about it!


That's almost all of them if not counting some super rare and forgotten. From this list you can draw a lot about our mentality :'D.


And now's the bonus round for idioms with wolves:

Wolf ticket (1) – super bad personal report on official papers

Wolf ticket (2) – to have no rights to be here (at least, i'm pretty sure it's used in this way sometimes)

Wolf appetite / Hungry as wolf – wolfish appetite

Tambov/Bryansk wolf is a friend to you – You're not my friend, friend (so be ready to get kicked in guts with the 1st opportunity)

Disgraceful wolves – freaking bastards (usualy to cops)

Lone-wolf - loner, maverick


Fun fact (1): usualy in fairy tales wolf is never a bad guy, he even an assistant or a simpleton.

Fun Fact (2): Spinner is called little wolf. I guess, cause it's circling around like a canine that tries to catch its tail.


And i was going to write few strokes about weather. Few.

  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: True-true friend...
  • Reading: Whatever my hand grabs
  • Watching: Clone Wars
  • Playing: Resistance 2
  • Eating: patty
  • Drinking: cold tea, huge piece of lemon


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Born in Moscow, graduated here too.
Love Kevin Smith flicks, zombie-horrors and Pratchett books.

In 2011 got hooked on ponies, found tutorial on how to draw them and signed up here.

• With the 2nd season ending lost the urge to become a horse. :-(.

• With the 3rd season ending my faith in the show cracked.

• With the 4th season i realised that i'm cured.

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